Teaching Objectives

As an instructor of economics and public policy, I aim to develop my students’ understanding of microeconomic concepts and build their econometric toolkits such that they are better equipped to critically evaluate policy-relevant, real-world issues. Three objectives are essential for achieving this goal. First, I focus on building intuition and theoretical foundations for basic economic concepts. Thorough understanding of foundational models is crucial as concepts tend to build on each other. Second, I seek to convey real-world relevance of economic topics. Students are more motivated to learn when they realize useful applications. Third, I strive to develop students’ analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills. The problem-solving skills cultivated in economics courses are valuable in all walks of life. Achieving these three objectives lays the groundwork for students to begin thinking like economists and public policy scholars.

Teaching Experience

Head Teaching Assistant

ENVIRON 962: Economics of Environmental Management, Masters

PUBPOL 304: Economics of the Public Sector, Undergraduate

PUBPOL 303: Microeconomic Policy Tools, Undergraduate

Mentoring Experience

As a member of Duke's University Scholars Program, I served as a graduate mentor to two undergraduate students each academic year. In addition, I served for three years as one of three Graduate Consuls of the University Scholars Program, responsible for helping oversee the program of about 90 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. My role as Consul included planning an annual retreat, a research symposium, and biweekly seminars, as well as coordinating the mentoring program.